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Thanks to premium partnerships with leading industrial players, engineering companies, and integrators, we make sure AR is efficiently brought in line with processes and in synergy with data to meet industrial companies' uses and expectations.


  • Constant exchanges and collaborative work with large industrial players and users from all industry backgrounds enable us to permanently fine-tune our user-oriented approach and remain close to operational needs.

    Each industry branch can expect the highest relevance and ROI from our Augmented Reality solutions.

  • We partner with selected engineering companies and integrators that distinguish by their ability to relay deep expert skills and effectively accompany our clients in the deployment of our AR solutions (scalability, change management, support and training).

    With them, we deliver the highest quality of service expectable.

  • Like our historical partnership with the CEA, a major european player in research, innovation and development, we partner with prominent tecnhological players, such as CAD or graphic rendering software publishers, all renowned for their high level skills in fields strongly complementary to Augmented Reality.

    We deliver the highest technological performance expectable, at all stages of the implementation of our solutions.

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  • PSA Group & SEGULA Technologies testify

    PSA Group & SEGULA Technologies testify

    At Laval Virtual 2016, PSA Group and SEGULA Technologies shared their vision of AR for the automative industry and explained why they believe Diota's AR solutions are the best ones.

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