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Deploying digital continuity solutions in complex manufacturing and maintenance processes requires industry players to enable consistent and robust access, use and enrichment of industrial data through effective Digital Threads. Easier said that done! Good thing is that Diota Generation 4X is fundamentally tailored to make it possible, thus enhancing right-the-firt-time quality and adequate traceability though digitization. How does Generation 4X of our solutions take advantage of digital threads to significantly improve the quality and traceability of complex processes? What does WI4 and its associated services allow? How does it improve industrial data management? Dive into the heart of Diota 4X.

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And we are more than ever convinced of it, the latter, adding unrivaled possibilities to our current solutions, will be a powerful lever for optimizing your performance, a catalyst in terms of application deployments combining DIGITAL and TERRAIN. What contributions, benefits, potential ...? Its release being imminent, the time has come to lift the veil ... Let’s start with a return to its introduction by Sebastian Knödel, Managing Director of Diota GmbH, during AWE Europe.

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How to accelerate and make reliable the assembly of tens of kilometers of cables that run through the fuselage of an airliner such as the Airbus A350 XWB? For Safran Electrical & Power, the answer lies in the implementation of Diota's solution.

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Used on construction or renovation projects in Orano, Diota's DIGITAL-ASSISTED OPERATOR solution enables operators to control the reception of equipment and installations while dynamically previewing planned locations. At the end of the day, significant gains in terms of time, ergonomics and traceability.

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In November 2018, Diota was admitted to the French Tech PASS as 2018/2019 laureate of the #Smart Factory category (#AR, #VR, #IOT...).


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