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Diota & Siemens PLM Software solution partners

Siemens PLM Software, one the world’s leading software procures for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) joins Diota’s digital ecosystem.

As part of their partnership, the two companies develop together connections between their respective solutions:
- Siemens PLM Software solutions (Teamcenter, NX, VisMockup …), which allow to manage data, processes, and business systems throughout the product lifecycle,
- Diota solutions that allow to bring the data and work instructions contained in the PLM at the operational field, as well as to transfer to the PLM the data captured during shop floor operations (task reports, control results, comments, pictures...).

Towards new integrated solutions

This partnership demonstrates the shared vision of this unit of both Siemens Digital Factory division and Diota, of an industry placing digital continuity at the heart of its value chain to value its know-how and improve its performance. The combination of their expertise will enable the introduction of new integrated software solutions that will foster:
- the optimization of operations by using at the right time in the field the right PLM data;
- the optimization of the management, monitoring and improvement of processes by the timely exploitation in the PLM of the right information captured in the field;
- the optimization of the collaboration between back office teams and field teams.

Driven by strong demand from manufacturers, the first deployments of such solutions, particularly in Germany and the Benelux, are intended to take place in the first quarter of 2017.

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