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DiotaPlayer for Hololens

DiotaPlayer for Hololens embeds the unique features and user experience of DiotaPlayer in Microsoft Hololens.

DiotaPlayer for Hololens allows to visualize and interact effectively with 3D work instructions exported directly from industrial information systems like Siemens Teamcenter Vizmockup. It integrates unparalleled functionalities allowing fluid and efficient user experience:

  • "Digital Instructions" module
  • stream creation/update of projects via DiotaConnect
  • simple and transparent workflow
  • user-friendly interactions by voice, gestures and joypad
  • model-based tracking technology
  • ...



The DiotaHoloPack, to start well

DiotaPlayer for Hololens is offered in the DiotaHoloPack, a pack specially designed to allow you:

  • effectively leverage your DiotaPlayer for Hololens, from digital project creation to field operations;
  • to explore various use cases.

To learn more about DiotaPlayer for Hololens and DiotaHoloPack,

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