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Launched in February, Diota's latest software suite dedicated to next-generation robotic inspections without programming has become the flagship innovation at Laval Virtual. A first integration presented in partnership with the robotic integrator ACTEMIUM Toulouse Robotic & Automation.


What differentiates Diota's solution is that it is not based on the comparison of photos by image recognition (a long and rather imprecise process), but directly on the digital model. It is compatible with industry-standard PLM solutions, including Dassault Systèmes. Control is faster, more efficient and better.

L'Usine Digitale



Digital-based Robotic Inspection was designed in response to a major challenge faced by industrial players: ensuring ever more reliable quality controls on complex assemblies without slowing down production rates. In order to address the dual challenge of increased quality and sustained productivity, control robotisation stands out as one of the most promising solution. However, both the constraints related to manual programming of robots and the limitations of traditional methods of image comparison analysis can be a hindrance to the deployment of such solutions.

In this context, Digital-based Robotic Inspection provides, more than a new solution, a small revolution: it allows robotic inspections in very diverse operational environments without ever requiring robot programming or complex manipulations..

Through the use of the digital mock-up, via a direct connection to industrial information systems, Digital-based Robotic Inspection allows fully automated robotic inspections, from collisionless trajectory planning to system analysis.
Intrinsically "Industry 4.0" oriented, Digital-based Robotic Inspection is also an intelligent solution, designed to work with humans in operational environments: in case of anomaly, it automatically issues alerts; in addition, it generates customized control reports that can be used in analytics. At stake :

  • time saving (deletion of the upstream phases of programming and repeatability of the controls)
  • cost savings (programming, evolution and maintenance of the ranges)
  • increased reliability  (robustness of controls based on the digital model)
    increased agility 
    (adaptability to different cells, range evolution synchronized with the product model)



Through a demonstrator consisting of the realization of a control of the absence / presence of various parts (brackets, fixings ...) on a piece of aero-structure by a cobot embedding Digital-based Robotic Inspection, industrial players could observe the reality of the potential of the software suite for robotic inspection.

Following the collision-free and optimal trajectories automatically planned in the DiotaPlan software, a  cobot, controlled and supervised by the DiotaController software, executed the control range, and generated, according to the analyzes performed, control statuses.The control results could be monitored in real time thanks to the DiotaAnalytics software, presented in preview.



Digital-Based Robotic Inspection was presented at Laval Virtual in partnership with the robotics integrator Actemium Toulouse Robotic & Automation. The robotics integrator has indeed chosen to integrate the DiotaSensor ONE software suite and DiotaSensor ONE control effector into a "turnkey" solution named SIRIS in order to effectively meet the needs for optimisation of its industrial customers, especially in terms of increased production rates, improved quality controls, and reduced costs.

First industrial deployments are underway.


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