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  • In China, Axis 3D supports the digitization of the train production lines of the CRRC with Diota's 4.0 solutions

We have been paying attention to Diota since Laval 2013, as Diota has actual application cases in the industrial market" explains Alex WU, the CEO of Axis 3D.

Headquartered in Beijing, the CRRC (China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation) Corporation Limited has 46 wholly-owned & majority-owned subsidiaries and over 180,000 employees. CRRC is the world's largest supplier of rail transit equipment with the most complete product lines and leading technologies.

As its high-speed trains, high-power locomotives, railway trucks, urban rail transit vehicles and other typical products, which have fully reached world advanced level, can adapt to various complex geographical environments and meet diverse market needs, CRRC ambitions to offer the world leading rail transit technology platform and manufacturing base. The company constantly strives to improve the technology innovation system, and constantly upgrades its capacity for technology innovation, especially for the production of its high-speed trains, an important business card to the company.

In this context, the company has sought a solution to increase the performance of its assembly lines, increasing both quality and production rates. She turned to AXIS 3D, recognized for its expertise in the integration of 3D technologies, which offered to implement Diota's Digital-Assisted Operations solution. Alex WU, CEO of the company, tells us more.


> Why did you decide to propose to the CRRC a solution based on Augmented Reality to address their need?

Alex WU: We have been distributing world-famous VR-related products for almost twenty years. Besides, AR has always been the technology to which we have been paying attention. We believe that AR will truly revolutionize the industrial production and manufacturing, especially because, with the trend of Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing-related topics have become an increasing concern for industrial customers, notably for China's industries of aerospace and high-speed train that have been leading the country's industrial development.

The CRRC's main need, correlated with their goal of increasing quality, was to enable assembly line operators to avoid errors that are often difficult to avoid due to the complexity of the tasks and the configuration of the systems. It seemed obvious to us that an Augmented Reality solution, which would guide operators step by step and allow them to visualize the right work instructions to the right place on the system, and in the right time, was particularly relevant. This not only drastically reduces the risk of error, but also allows you to work more efficiently, without wasting time looking for the right info, setting marks, etc., thus saving time.

> There are various AR/VR offers in the market. Why have you chosen Diota’s solutions?

Alex WU: We have been paying attention to Diota since Laval Virtual 2013, as Diota has actual application cases in the industrial market. Diota has also been constantly improving herself in the past years and developed standard tools and products, passing tough project inspections in the industrial sector.

> What do you think make the strength of your partnering with Diota?

Alex WU: As Axis 3D has years of work experience for serving customers in the industrial sector as well as the experience of distributing foreign brands’ products, with Diota who has years of experience in the fields of industrial Augmented Reality and digital solutions, we believe the cooperation is a win-win situation. The industrial market in China will soon be developed.

> You said that the industrial market in China will be soon developed. Can you say a little more regarding prospects ?

Alex WU: Fistly, as regards the CRRC, the customer is very confident about the potential of the solution, and first deployments are going to start. This is a very good start we are glad of. But prospects go beyond. Besides the high-speed train sector, China’s aerospace industry has the highest inquiry rate. They all wish to reduce operators’ error rate and the rate of reworking, and to increase the efficiency and yield rate of operations...



AXIS 3D integrates Virtual Reality Technology, Augmented Reality Technology, Motion Capture Technology, Force Feedback Technology and Multi-Platform Release Technology from world famous companies in Europe and North America. As per the development trend of industries and scientific researches in China’s market, the company offer 3D virtual technology solutions for industries, such as, astronautics, aeronautics, vehicle, shipbuilding, university education, scientific research institute and tradeshow, etc.

Today, the company, which counts about 70 employees in Taiwan and Mainland China and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Taipei and Taipei and Tainan, totalizes US$1 million of assets.


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