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  • Industry 4.0: Diota, a software publisher, raises 7 million euros so as to pursue its development and European leadership strategy

Paris, 01.29.2019. Diota, a publisher of software solutions dedicated to digitize and optimize industrial processes, announces getting 7 million euros of financing. 5 million euros have been raised from a gathering of first rank investors composed by CM-CIC Innovation, expert of the investments into companies leading technological breakdown, and Diota’s historical investors who are Safran Corporate Ventures, Supernova Invest and Calao Finance. Besides these funds, a support comes especially from BPI France and other organizations encouraging « Industry 4.0» actors.

Strengthening of a commercial leadership in Europe

This fundraising marks a new and significant step in the pursuit of Diota’s European development strategy. Indeed, it will allow the innovative SME to fulfill the expansion and consolidation of its commercial influence that started in 2017 along with the opening of its first subsidiary company in Germany. The company aims to open further offices and to develop its indirect sale network in order to follow industrial actors’ digital transformation through large scale implementations, across Europe.

"Diota’s management team really delighted us as they have been able to provide a solution perfectly adapted to industrial actors’ requirements. Diota is very present in France and in Germany and the funds that we bring will help to enforce the managers’ strategy for a Pan-European development", explains Stéphane Simoncini, Participations Director for CM-CIC Innovation.

Executing a global 4.0 offer strategy

With the launch in 2018 of its Digital-based Robotic Inspection (DBRI) solution allowing processes of robotic inspections without robot programming, Diota has widened its offer of the only Augmented Reality to a global «Industry 4.0 » offer. In support of this operation, the company will continue to densify its solutions offer in order to create a virtuous circle between engineering back office and field operations through a polymorphous exploitation of industrial data. Diota will keep on implementing synergies and solutions with high added value, to bring the digital data to the operations at the shop floor on the one hand, and to capture and to return the operational reality on the other hand.

"Beyond participating to the realization of our strategy, this second fundraising demonstrates our ability to win the support of industrial main players. This renewed pledge of confidence both in our vision and in our capability to go along with our clients in their competitiveness challenges in a very distinguishing way, means also for us that our human and technological success story continues", ajoute Lionnel Joussemet, Diota’s CEO.



About Diota
A publisher of 4.0 software for the Industry, Diota conceives, develops and provides solutions dedicated to industrial processes optimization through operational fields’ digitizing. Based upon cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality and automatic control, these solutions create a digital continuity between industrial information systems and operations at the shop floor, to improve productivity, quality and traceability throughout the product lifecycle. Thanks to high expertise in industrial deployments and a strong ecosystem of first rank technological and industrial partners, the innovative SME, founded in 2009, is a known key player to the Industry 4.0 in terms of digital transformation and improvement of competitiveness for main industrials groups in the aerospace, the shipbuilding, the naval, the automotive, the energy and the petrochemicals.

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